The legislature in Connecticut offers every citizen an opportunity to speak for or against any bills before they are voted on.   In general, a day or two is set aside for every bill.

The legislature is currently evaluating these two bills:
House Bill 7319: This bill would have the Commissioner of Consumer Protection invite proposals for the development and operation of a casino gaming facility in a to-be-specified location in Connecticut and would allow one license to be issued.
Senate Bill 957: This bill would authorize the Pequot-Mohegan tribe joint venture to build and operate a casino in East Windsor.

The bills are separate and independent–the legislature could approve the East Windsor casino and/or invite proposals for a fourth casino–or, better yet, it could vote down both bills!

Both bills are currently in the hands of the Public Safety and Security Committee. Here are some guidelines for preparing and delivering testimony to that Committee on these two bills.  If you want to contact any members of the Committee, here is a list of members and how to contact them.