The legislature in Connecticut offers every citizen an opportunity to speak for or against any bills before they are voted on.   In general, a day or two is set aside for every bill.

The legislature is currently evaluating these two bills:
House Bill 5306: An Act concerning a comprehensive study of Gambling in CT. CACE supports a study to identify the social and economic costs to casinos and we encourage the legislature to hire an independent, objective expert or experts to do the study.

House Bill 5305: An Act concerning a request for proposals to qualify an entity to develop a casino gaming facility in the state. This bill would require the Department of Consumer Protection and the Department of Economic and Community Develop to seek proposals for the development and operation of a new casino in whatever location the proposers choose.  It would lead MGM Resorts to propose a casino in Bridgeport.  CACE opposes this bill because we oppose the expansion of gambling in Connecticut.

Both bills are currently in the hands of the Public Safety and Security Committee. Here are some guidelines for preparing and delivering testimony to that Committee on these two bills.  If you want to contact any members of the Committee, here is a list of members and how to contact them.