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Contact your representatives in Hartford

Your representatives in Hartford, on both the senate and house side, need, and want, to hear what constituents are thinking.  Surprisingly few citizens actually speak up and make their views known, so a single letter from you will have a bigger impact than you imagine.

Even better would be to meet with your legislator, either in Hartford or in your hometown.  And if you bring along a friend or two, you will have an especially strong impact.  One phone call may be all you need to arrange a meeting.  Here is a script for calling a representative.  And here is a guide and possible agenda for a meeting.

If you don’t know the names of your state representative or state senator, click here for the “Find Your Legislators” tool maintained by the Connecticut General Assembly.  Once you have a page with the names of your legislators, click on their name to go to their website, or click on their title to send an email.

If you need some help writing a letter, here is some sample text you could use.

Dear Senator (or Representative),

I am writing to urge you to oppose the expansion of casino-style gambling in Connecticut and to oppose allowing any new casinos to built in our state, particularly the one being proposed in Bridgeport.

This is a critically important issue for Connecticut. Our state already has two of the world’s biggest casinos, the Northeast is becoming over-saturated with casinos that are increasingly cannibalizing each other, and there is growing independent and scholarly research that indicates any short-term economic benefits from another casino would be heavily outweighed by its longer term economic and social costs.

For example, a recent landmark report from the Institute for American Values, an independent and non-partisan think tank, concludes the new local regional casinos spreading across the nation, such as the one being proposed for the Bridgeport area, drain wealth from communities, weaken nearby businesses, hurt property values, and reduce civic participation, family stability and other form of social capitol that are at the heart of a successful community.


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Click here to download the suggested letter above as a Word document.

Here are email addresses for senators and representatives.

Spreadsheet of legislators by town, senate district, house district and congressional district

Spreadsheet of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee members